the story of a new culinary instructor… and some other stuff too

Ginger Nectar

i had this knob of ginger that was sprouting. i stuck it in a pot to see if it would grow… that was three years ago….

three years of tiny sprouts that broke free through the dirt to express some form of short lived green. last year it flowered which i heard was hard to do. but it did. a tiny bud of folded leaves that quickly withered and died…

this year it sprang to life… not one sprout broke free, but five took the chance and emerged from the dirt… one at a time. as if sending a test mission out to see if the world was ok and sent a message back to the rest … all clear. grow up.

occasionally i brush past this plant that is now over three feet tall an i feel a wetness on my arm…. that smells of ginger and honey combined, but is thin like water…. nectar. the stuff tiny honey bees would gather to make honey if my plant was outside… out in the world…

it just grows, ever reaching for the window on it’s right, stretching towards the sun soaked window… dripping ginger scented water tears.


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